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Staffing With Love is a non-profit caregiver employment service in Jones County, IA, dedicated to passionate, and kind care for special needs adults. Learn more about our efforts and apply to be part of our team!

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Our Special Needs Career Opportunities

Staffing With Love is excited to find volunteers and caregivers for special needs adults within the Jones County area. Our mission is to find dedicated caregivers and home care volunteers to help special needs adults to become their best selves. Learn more about our available positions now!

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About Our Caring Staff Agency

Staffing With Love, established in 2023, is the passionate project of our founder, Tina, who is searching for the right special needs caregivers to help her son Billy. Our non-profit caregiver employment service is looking for like-minded caregivers who want and can understand, respect, guide, and support clients like Billy.


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Inside Our Caregiver Jobs

In our search for care for special needs adults, we are looking for individuals who will work in tandem with the parents and guardians of clients. Staffing With Love is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all expectations by providing personnel that function as long-term family members. Join us as we raise the standard of living for Billy and other special needs adults. Learn more about what we’re looking for in special needs caregivers!

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Can you provide the care for special needs adults that we’re looking for? Learn more about our caring staff agency’s mission and let us know if you think you’d be a good fit for our family. Check out what we’re looking for in special needs caregivers and special needs volunteers and apply now to join our team.

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Learn more about our efforts and apply to be part of our team!