Tribute to Glenn

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This thank you page serves as a tribute to the beautiful memories Glenn left behind and commemorates Janann's significant contribution in making this venture possible. We are forever grateful for their love and generosity.

Here is Glenn and Janaan's story that we are proud to share with you.

Glenn and Janaan's Story

Glenn passed away September 2, 2021, after a four-year struggle with leukemia. His wife, Janaan, was given the task of selecting a non-profit through the Glenn C. and Janaan M. Anderson Foundation. It is my pleasure to share a little bit about Glenn . . .

Glenn owned a small business in Grand Haven, Michigan. It was an injection molding business that made parts for cars, furniture, etc. He regarded his employees as the heart and soul of the business. He never gave himself a raise because the money went to increase his employees' wages and benefits.

Glenn was a kind man and here are just a few examples of his acts of kindness.

Glenn hired a woman who did not have any qualifications for the job. She applied because she desperately needed a job. Her manager wanted to fire her, but Glenn would not allow it. He told the manager to work with her because he knew that she just didn't understand the job. She turned out to be his best employee!

Glenn had ADHD and was born in the 1950's, which meant that the medical field and his family did not understand his disability; therefore, he was not encouraged to go to college. When Glenn’s father’s business was near bankruptcy, he stepped in as the CEO and turned the business around and made it very successful. His contributions to the community were well recognized with several awards.

When Glenn was a single parent raising his son and growing his business, he shared his home with a man who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. His wife had filed for divorce, and he lost his job. Glenn kept him at his home until the disease progressed to a point that an assisted living environment was needed.

Glenn loved Billy, Tina's son, and I know that he would be very pleased and grateful to provide a better life by funding Staffing With Love. Glenn and Janaan are honored to be a part of this community. Staffing With Love has the same heart and soul that Glenn shared with others during his life, and now he can share that with you and the community of Monticello, IA.

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Thank You Glenn and Janaan

We are grateful to the the Glenn C. and Janaan M Anderson Foundation who have made this journey possible with their generosity, love and support.